About designer

samanta samuel

FASHION SIXTY4 is a high-end WOMENs wear brand founded in 2012. specializing in both Custom Design and ready to wear garments. 

“Fashion is a focal point, the first thing people see. If you are wearing a gorgeous garment, the woman wearing it exudes a sense of sexiness, confidence, and will gain the attention in any environment”. – Samanta. S

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, Samanta felt as though fashion was instilled in her. As she grew up, she watched her mother sew. She started her main studies in dress making in high school and graduated with honors. She aspired to see her garments being sold and mass-produced in department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. In an attempt to make her dreams come true, she came to America, and continued her education at GIBBS College, receiving her Associates Degree in Fashion Design. She then went to Fashion Design Training Studio in Newark, NJ where she mastered draping and expanded her advanced studies. After that, Samanta went to Essex County College where she took business administration. With years of experience and education, she founded Fashion Sixty4 in 2012.

In 2016, Samanta became the New Day Associates International Designer of the Year Winner

As the winner, she will receive a layout in a magazine published by CEO of New Day Associates, John Blassingame. She will also receive an all expense paid trip overseas to Paris to network. Since winning, Samanta has been busy with magazine photo shoots, MANY MORE fashion shows, and supplying the growing demand for her garments.

In addition to winning the grand prize and title of the best of the best, Samanta has been winning the hearts of audience members and consumers at San Fernando Fashion Week in Trinidad and Tobago , Small Boutique Fashion Week, Atlantic City Fashion Week, Plitz Fashion Week in New York , and Jersey City  Fashion Week, (which was one of her first major showcases). Samanta also was a charity designer for Newark Tech High School in Newark , NJ , in celebration of autism month.

Samanta stated without hesitation that she is inspired by Donatella Versace. Samuel quoted, "You know by the quality and look of the clothing that it is Versace without anyone having to explain it, which is what I am striving for with Fashion Sixty4".  It will not be a surprise…or a long time before Fashion Sixty 4 is literally in the movies, on multiple leading ladies, in addition to every major red carpet.  Samanta may be busy taking a trip around the world sharing her gift of garment greatness, but www.FashionSixty4.com, is only one click away!